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Torrent Details For "WonderFox Photo Watermark 8.3 Full With Medicine[BabuPC]"

WonderFox Photo Watermark 8.3 Full With Medicine[BabuPC]

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Name:WonderFox Photo Watermark 8.3 Full With Medicine[BabuPC]

If you are sharing your photos and artworks or demonstrating your company’s products on the Internet, it’s very necessary to add watermarks to protect them from illegal use. You really don’t know who may copy them or disseminate them for some terrible reason. In other words, the pictures are spread without authorization. WonderFox Photo Watermark can help you get out of the problem. With this photo watermark processor, you can not only add text but also image as watermarking. And you are provided with an easy-to-use interface, that is, even a beginner can simply add watermarks with a few clicks. Use it and you will never be regretted.

Secure Protection with Text Watermark and Image Watermark
Usually watermark contains text watermark and image watermark. Text watermark is your name, signature or any words that you can make some text effect on it. Image watermark is the most widely used way of watermark, such as your logo, avatar, company logo, etc.

How to Add Words to Picture >>

WonderFox Photo Watermark can add either text or image watermark to photos with a few clicks. Watermarks can’t really stop people from using your pictures without permission, but at least from now on they’ll have your name on them wherever they go. This professional photo watermark provides various types (150+) of free watermarking materials. You can also create your own ones!

Powerful Photo Editing Functions
Apart from the above reasons, there is another one no less important – the powerful editing functions. WonderFox Photo Watermark allows you to have your own editing ideas. You can crop your photos, resize or rename them. What’s better, adding frame is another function that you can choose a wide range of frames as you like! Making your photos more beautiful!

Batch Watermarking Process and Watermarking Template
WonderFox Photo Watermark provide batch mode for watermarking your photos this feature will save 90% of the time for adding watermrk to lot of photos. Actually, you can easily add watermark to 100 photos within 1 minute.

The another feature – This software allows you to save current settings

(watermark, word, location, transparence…) to a template file. When you use WonderF
ox Photo Watermark in the next time, you can load the template file to restore the current settings
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Info Hash:b2a1c0159f4b38be1931ec6e98387a8c3deec36d
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